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English language knowledge proof should be shown to institutes by students in English-speaking countries. TOEFL and IELTS English Credentials of competence are also endorsed internationally by institutions.

What is TOEFL?

It is a short form of “Test of English as a Foreign Language.” Because of its quality standards, TOEFL is approved by institutions in the world. The exam is carried out to assess the English abilities and skills of the student.

TOEFL consists of four parts, and the total time is almost 4.5 hours. There are a total of 120 cumulative points, split into 4 parts. The following are the four segments:

  1. Reading
  2. Listening
  3. Speaking
  4. Writing


The first portion is “reading” and the segment will be focused on MCQs. The reading part may contain 3 to 4 sub-sections. A short text and MCQs are included in each sub-section.

There are various academic subjects like science, history, etc., in the reading section. Each passage will contain 12-14 questions. The time to complete the portion is 60-90 minutes.


The Listening section is focused on multiple choices, as is the reading section. The segment is to be finished within 60-90 minutes. There are two sub-sections: campus life discussions and academic lectures.

Firstly, 4 to 6 lectures will be given, each with 6 questions. The second sub-category consists of 2 to 3 conversations with 5 questions.


Possibly one of the most complicated sections of this test. It’s all about your ability to respond quickly to questions. A total of six activities will be carried out. You’ll speak about yourself, thoughts and experiences during the first 2 tasks. The first 2 tasks are referred to as Independent.

The four activities that follow are interconnected. All questions must be attempted. These concentrate on a specific subject. All four activities will include reading and listening elements.

You will compare both after listening to the clip and reading the content. When you have examined the differences between both of them, you will have to discuss both contents. This part takes 20 minutes in total.


Like the Speaking part, independent and integrated writing tasks are given in two sub-sections. You will get 50 minutes in total to complete all the activities. Before this exam, you should be ready and do some practice. With the online spell checker tool, you can stop misspelling and make your writing flawless.

The first element is integrated writing. It is similar to the above speaking portion, except you need to write instead of speaking. In 20 minutes, it must be completed.

The second component is the independent writing activity. Select a descriptive essay from between two choices. You must explain the reasons for choosing this option. In this sub-section, it’s 30 minutes.

Why Do I Need It?

If you’d like to study in an English-speaking country, you need a TOEFL certification. TOEFL is authorized for foreign jobs by businesses as well. The test is largely endorsed by institutes in 130+ countries.

To show your English abilities, you must take the exam. The test is performed to assess your ability to read, write, speak and listen. For only two years is the TOEFL test applicable.

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