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Minecraft is a popular game that allows players to explore the world around them and build objects out of blocks. Minecraft is also popular for being able to be played without an internet connection, a feature that has changed how people play the game. However, what people often need to learn more about Minecraft is its server mode like Pixelmon servers. If you’re not playing on a server, you are missing one of the most important aspects of the game. In this guide, we’ll explore server mode and why it’s vital in Minecraft.

What is server mode in Minecraft?

The server mode ensures nobody is cheating in multiplayer gaming by hacking into other players’ worlds with cheats or modifying data files (MODs). This is done by creating a fresh copy of the map each time a player joins, randomly generating worlds before and after the game. The server can also be used to control how many different players are allowed at specific times.

Secondarily, you’ll want to use the server for updates. This ensures all players on your server are using the same version of Minecraft and prevents people from playing on old versions. In addition, it’s important to note that every time you start playing in multiplayer mode online, you’re joining a random Minecraft world generated by someone’s server. This means you are taking their version of the game, which is already altered by their cheats.

Lastly, server mode lets you play in multiplayer mode online with a different set of friends than you’re used to. By letting you play with other players on a different server, Minecraft can be played in modded and non-modded fashion, depending on your preference. You can either play with mods only or to 1.8 with no mods.

What makes Minecraft servers important?

1. Ensure the same gameplay every time:

Players can easily modify their version of Pixelmon servers without a server and cheat. While this may not seem like a big deal at first glance when you realize that modified versions can change non-playable characters and spawn monsters for you to fight or harvest for food, everything changes.

If people start playing with modified versions, soon, your world will be different from other players. Also, if you play with modified files, you’re likely to be banned from most servers since they aim at keeping things fair in multiplayer mode online.

2. Have friends join you:

Minecraft is about setting up your servers to play with your friends. However, if you’re new to setting up Minecraft servers, it takes time, and a fair amount of investment before you get something going. By using Minecraft server hosting, you can skip all that trouble because the people who host the server will do the work for you. You’ll be able to access the server quickly and easily online, and your friends can join through their Minecraft accounts. So there’s no hassle when setting things up or playing with others on a modded or non-modded version of Minecraft.

3. Don’t get kicked out all the time:

In Minecraft multiplayer mode, you and the other players are at the mercy of the server. If they decide to kick everyone off, all your work is gone. This can be discouraging for new players and people who enjoy working with others on servers. However, if a server has hosting provided by someone else, you’ll be able to play on it for as long as you like without worrying about being kicked out for not paying.

4. Enjoy your favourite mods:

Minecraft’s popularity was made possible by modding tools available from the release date onward. However, server mode ensures modding is possible and won’t get you banned or kicked off the server. By allowing you to use mods in your world, the server mode ensures that everyone remains safe online. Many players enjoy the long-term gameplay of mods in Minecraft because they can be accessed on any version at any time and never get outdated.

5. Get to play with friends all the time:

If you enjoyed playing Minecraft with a group of friends but didn’t have anyone to play with on a specific day, Minecraft server hosting can make all the difference. This way, you can find a group to play with when the time comes. A server hosting company provides the Minecraft server for you, so there’s no need to get players from other servers together. The online game is at your fingertips, and you can practice anytime you want with a friend or two.

6. Practice PvP anywhere:

Practising Minecraft PvP is fairly difficult since you can easily get banned from multiplayer mode online. However, by hosting your server, you’ll be able to set the rules and play with your friends without worrying about getting banned. This way, everyone knows what they’re in for before joining a server, and you never have to worry about being deceived by another player when you’re playing offline.

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